FvwmCommand TitleStyle


I want to change the TitleStyle of a window through FvwmCommand.
(I want to make the Title Centered.
I’ve tried

  • FvwmCommand Style “MyWindow” TitleStyle Centered.
  • FvwmCommand Style “MyWindow” AddToDecor TitleStyle Centered

Thanks for your answers.

Well, presumably:

FvwmCommand 'WindowStyle MyWindow TitleStyle Centered'
FvwmCommand 'UpdateStyles'

Works – but remember that ‘WindowStyle’ is only useful if the window is already on the screen.

– Thomas Adam

If I do this I receive an error message :

[FVWM][style_parse_and_set_window_style]: <> Bad style option: TitleStyle Centered

I’ve tried to look in the man pages but i’ve just foud information redefining a new style. It works but the style is all changed, no only
the center position of the title.


The only way you can cahnge the TitleStyle for one window is by using the deprecated decor functions; and since there is no CopyDecor function you will have to create two identical decors with the only difference in the value of TitleStyle. So in your config file: Build up a new decor and give it a good name say “TitleCentered”. It should look just like your default decor, but have the line

AddToDecor TitleCentered TitleStyle Centered


FvwmCommand All (MyWindow) UseDecor TitleCentered

will do the trick.