FvwmCookbook FAQ: In Writing

Hello all –

I’m in the process of consolidating a lot of information on these forums so that they can be made available on the wiki – since I think the wiki is an under used resource, and I’d like to see it used more.

So, I have started to write a cookbook, taken mostly from these forums, of questions that I myself have been answering a fair few times. I’ve tried, where appropriate to add more explanation where I considered it was lacking.

What I’d like to know though, is whether or not it’s likely to be of any use, and also I’d like to know of any suggestions or inclusions that ought to perhaps be present. I realise that I am most likely preaching to the (wrong) choir in this case, but it can’t hurt. :slight_smile:

The URL is here:


– Thomas Adam

It’s a great idea in my opinion. Documentation is a good thing if it’s written properly and in such a way that users can easily make sense of it. Lots of people really hate reading man pages so they revert to forums, faqs, and miscellaneous user guides.

I’ll report back later with some ideas, and/or suggestions but in the interim, thanks for putting this together for the benefit of all fvwm users. 8)

Thanks. I’ve just updated it again, as it happens.

You’re welcome. It’s not so much the actual product of what each recipe
answers, but rather the techniques used to be build it that I am trying to

– Thomas Adam