FvwmDock documentation?

I have found this FvwmDock config that I use with FvwmIconMan:

All (FvwmDock) Close
*FvwmDock: BoxSize smart
*FvwmDock: Colorset 100
*FvwmDock: Frame 0
*FvwmDock: Padding 0 0
*FvwmDock: Geometry 1400x24+0-0
*FvwmDock: Rows 30
*FvwmDock: Columns 1400
*FvwmDock: Font "xft:Verdana:bold:pixelsize=12:minspace=true"
*FvwmDock: (110x5, Icon "dock/start.png", Action (Mouse 3) Menu MenuFvwmRoot Rectangle +0+710 0 0m, Action (Mouse 1) Menu MenuFvwmRoot Rectangle +0+710 0 0m )
*FvwmDock: (1074x5, Swallow FvwmIconMan)
*FvwmDock: (4x5)
*FvwmDock: (24x5, Icon "dock/vol.png", Action (Mouse 3) Menu MenuVol Rectangle +$left+811 0 0m, Action (Mouse 1) Menu MenuVol Rectangle +$left+811 0 0m )
*FvwmDock: (4x5, Icon "dock/clock2.png")
*FvwmDock: (60x5,  Swallow FvwmDate `Module FvwmScript theme-win-green/scripts/clock`)
*FvwmDock: (4x5, Icon "dock/clock2.png")

Module FvwmButtons FvwmDock
Style FvwmDock NoTitle, NoHandles, Sticky, NoIcon, NeverFocus, WindowListSkip, FixedPosition, FixedSize, StaysOnBottom, BorderWidth 0

But where do I find some documentation for the FvwmDock so I can read what:

*FvwmDock: BoxSize smart


I have tried the man pages and:


But there is no mention on FvwmDock

FvwmDock (in this instance) is an alias for FvwmButtons. It’s this man page you want to look at.

– Thomas Adam