I have been unsuccessful in using FvwmDragWell. I have included in StartFuntion:

+ I Module FvwmDragWell

I get a black square in the screen when I restart Fvwm. When I issue these commands in FvwmConsole:

SendToModule FvwmDragWell dragtype image/jpeg, dragdata /home/mimosinnet/Dades/Imatges/viena1.jpg SendToModule FvwmDragWell dragtype text/plain, dragdata "Test" SendToModule FvwmDragWell dragdata /home/mimosinnet/Dades/Imatges

The color of the FvwmDragWell changes. I can then drag from the FvwmDragWell, but I am unable to drop the content of the FvwmDragWell into, for example, LibreOffice. Has anybody an example of FvwmDragWell configuration or some hints on how to use it?