FvwmEvent sometimes not working after update to 3.0

Hello all!
It seems FVWM 3.0 is not very stable, because sometimes I got issues with it.
For example, today my FvwmEvent functions stopped working, even after Restart.
I’m using this my config — https://forums.freebsd.org/posts/390111
I wan’t to adopt it to 3.0 version, with replacing FvwmForm with FvwmScript
but got some problems, like FvwmEvent glitches and also fvwm-desktop GUI
now isn’t working… Because FvwmForm isn’t exist


Yes, FVWM3 doesn’t have a public release yet because it’s not ready, so please do expect these sorts of problems.

FvwmForm was removed from FVWM2 recently, so that’s not a new problem for FVWM3.

What problems are you having with FvwmEvent though? Which parts aren’t working?

Can you get me a minimal FvwmEvent config which reproduces your problem? I am not about to use an entire FVWM config complete with icons, etc., as this isn’t relevant.


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Hello! I’m using FvwmEvent to transfer focus, I’ve disabled default focus transfer with:

Style * !FPReleaseFocus

Also TransferFocus function rearrange icons, here it is:

# Switch focus when switch desk or iconify/close window
*FvwmEvent: new_desk TransferFocus
*FvwmEvent: iconify TransferFocus
*FvwmEvent: destroy_window TransferFocus

# Send focus
AddToFunc TransferFocus
        + I Prev (CurrentDesk, AcceptsFocus, !Iconic, !Layer 0, !Layer 6, !Overlapped, !FvwmButtons) FlipFocus
        + I TestRc (!Match) All Reverse UseStack (CurrentDesk, AcceptsFocus, !Iconic, !FvwmButtons) FlipFocus
        + I All (CurrentDesk, Iconic) PlaceAgain Icon

But I don’t think that it’s a problem with this specific function, because this part of FvwmEvent also stopped working:

# Rearrange icons when deiconify
*FvwmEvent: deiconify 'ThisWindow (!drop_down_term) RearrangeIcons'

WHOLE FvwmEvent module stopped working for some reason, it happened first time today, I had also some little glitches, but Restart always helped until today.


Can you post your RearrangeIcons function please?


Here it is:

# Rearrange icons
AddToFunc RearrangeIcons
        + I All (CurrentDesk, Iconic) PlaceAgain Icon
        # Part of 'ShowDesktop' function for FvwmEvent
        + I ShowDesktopState

I’m using “ShowDesktopState” function in it, because it’s in use by FvwmEvent when deiconify. It’s required for my ShowDesktop functionality, to minimize all/restore minimized with saving window position and layer.
Here is ShowDesktop function and functions related to it:

# Show desktop/restore function
AddToFunc ShowDesktop
        + I SendToModule FvwmAnimate push pause
        + I All Reverse UseStack (CurrentDesk, State 9) Iconify false
        + I TestRc (!Match) ShowDesktopIconify
        + I SendToModule FvwmAnimate pop
AddToFunc ShowDesktopIconify
        + I All UseStack (CurrentDesk, Iconifiable, !Iconic) State 9 true
        + I All UseStack (CurrentDesk, Iconifiable, !Iconic) Iconify true
AddToFunc ShowDesktopState
        + I All (CurrentDesk) State 9 false
# Part of 'ShowDesktop' function
*FvwmEvent: add_window 'ThisWindow (!drop_down_term) ShowDesktopState'