fvwmiconman and managergeometry

I try to make a FvwmButton with the window list using FvwmIconMan. I want this Button to be on the middle top of the screen and I want it to grow from the middle.

I don’t find any FvwmIconMan option to tell it to grow from the middle. I try to make 2 buttons for 2 separated window lists, one that will grow to the right on the other to the left. The DontShow Class and Show Class option are useful are useful to choose the windows to show in each list.

The right Button will grow to the right and it work just fine, but I cannot figure out how it can be possible to tell FvwmIconMan to grow to the left. I succeeded to make it grow to the right, upwards and downwards, but not to the left.

Here is some code from one of those button:

[code]# Left window list
All (FvwmIconMan-Windows-Left) Close
DestroyModuleConfig FvwmIconMan-Windows-Left: *

*FvwmIconMan-Windows-Left: Resolution Global
*FvwmIconMan-Windows-Left: UseWinList True
*FvwmIconMan-Windows-Left: DontShow Class=xmms,XTerm,Eterm,xfce4-terminal,konsole,gnome-terminal,Multi-gnome-terminal,urxvt,FvwmButtons,FvwmIconMan,FvwmPager,FvwmIdent,FvwmForm
*FvwmIconMan-Windows-Left: ShowNoIcons True
*FvwmIconMan-Windows-Left: DrawIcons Always
*FvwmIconMan-Windows-Left: Format “”
*FvwmIconMan-Windows-Left: Sort Id
*FvwmIconMan-Windows-Left: FollowFocus True
*FvwmIconMan-Windows-Left: Title “”
*FvwmIconMan-Windows-Left: ButtonGeometry 24x24
*FvwmIconMan-Windows-Left: MaxButtonWidth 24
*FvwmIconMan-Windows-Left: ManagerGeometry 15x0-$[FvwmPager-Width]-1

PipeRead ‘echo SetEnv Windows-Columns $(((($[FvwmButtons-Columns]-$[Desk-Pages-X]))))’
*FvwmButtons-TopPanel: ($[Windows-Columns]x1, Frame 0, Padding 0 0,
Swallow(UseOld, Hints, Respawn) “FvwmIconMan-Windows-Left” “Module FvwmIconMan FvwmIconMan-Windows-Left”))
It is swallowed into FvwmButtons-TopPanel that is the top button that take all the screen’s width. I want just icons in the Buttons and Tooltips (I don’t copied the look and tooltip parts of the iconman).

The values of the variables are:

You would have to recalculate the size based on the swallowed application (FvwmIconMan) changing (PropertyNotify event most likely).

Currently there’s no way to do this.

– Thomas Adam

Thank you Thomas,

It is what I concluded already.

Did you read all of my first post. I try using 2 iconman, one growing to the right, and a second one that I am failing to make it grow to the left. If I can made it to work, it would not be perfect, but it would be a good enough approximation.

I don’t think FvwmIconMan has support for the gravity to grow left.

– Thomas Adam

I try with a lot of different options and nothing was working. But no matter, I am thinking to something else, to put the widow list to the right of the center, and the notification aera to the left. :smiley: