FvwmIconMan Colorsets changing between Xinerama screens

I moved my fvwm configuration to my new workstation and everything works wonderfully well, except…

My FvwmIconMan instance, that I use as an auto-hide task bar, displays bizarre colorset results when shown in the first of my two Xinerama screens. The screenshot below demonstrates the problem:


Note the FvwmIconMan at the bottom middle of the screen, that I have straddling my two Xinerama screens for effect. The colors on the right are correct… the colors are the left are messed up.

Can anyone shed some light on this behavior and how I might get around it? The relevant Colorsets and FvwmIconMan config (*TaskBar) is shown in the screenshot, but I can post more details, if necessary.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Your fvwm config in its entirety and your fvwm version, please.

– Thomas Adam

Wow, that was frighteningly fast. :slight_smile:

My config can be found here]http://upload.netwichtig.de/cruxeternus-fvwm.tar.gz[/url]

My version is:
fvwm 2.5.21 compiled on Feb 20 2008 at 11:41:57
with support for: XPM, PNG, Shape, XShm, SM, Xinerama, XRender, XFT

Thanks again! :slight_smile:


I should add that the entry point to the config is:

Let me know if you need help navigating…

I’ve a brain and eyes, I’ll be fine…

– Thomas Adam

You’re using SLS as opposed to anything proper for Xinerama?

I can’t seem to reproduce your problem locally here. Sure it’s not hardware related?

– Thomas Adam

Using just XineramaSLS on a unified screen, because each Xinerama screen actually consists of two monitors from one of the two ports on a Quadro NVS 440 (quad mon card). So the video chips are all on the same card and should be the same.

Another observation, is that if I start an unconfigured FvwmIconMan from FvwmConsole, the colors are the same on both Xinerama screens. However, if I simply set a PlainColorset on a follow-up FvwmIconMan, it exhibits the bizarre behavior… as I drag it back and forth over the boundary, it smoothly changes the colors at that imaginary line. It’s fascinating, and I have no idea how to get a handle on it. :frowning:


I also just tried the config on a dual-screen setup, using just the first two monitors, and thus bypassing Xinerama altogether. This time, the colors look fine on the same monitors that were problematic before… this would rule out hardware, no?

It is SLS related, but I have no means to test it.

– Thomas Adam

I disabled XineramaSLS and XineramaSLSScreens, and still got the same behavior. :frowning:

But “real” Xinerama is still in play to connect the two screens…

I have finally got xinerama working in my SiS 771/671 PCIE (avoid SiS graphic cards; see, for example, this thread). At the beginning I had exactly the same issue: wrong colors in one of the two screens. This is when my xorg.conf was written with two devices in mind. This was the initial structure:

Section "ServerLayout" Screen 0 "Screen0" 0 0 Screen 1 "Screen1" LeftOf "Screen0" ... EndSection Section "Monitor" Identifier "Monitor0" ... EndSection Section "Device" Identifier "Device0" ... EndSection Section "Screen" Identifier "Screen0" Device "Device0" Monitor "Monitor0" .... EndSection Section "Monitor" Identifier "Monitor1" ... EndSection Section "Device" Identifier "Device1" ... EndSection Section "Screen" Identifier "Screen1" Device "Device1" Monitor "Monitor1" .... EndSection
I then played with MergedFB and the driver options. Only one device section:
Section “Device”
Identifier “Device0”
Driver “sis”
VendorName “Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]”
BoardName “771/671 PCIE VGA Display Adapter”
BusID “PCI:1:0:0”
Option “EnableSiSCtrl” “yes”
Option “DRI” “off”
Option “MergedFB” “auto”
Option “MetaModes” “1280x1024-1280x800 1280x1024+800x600 1280x800 800x600”
Option “MergedDPI” “100 100”

Xinerama works wonderfully after adding these lines in my fvwm config:

XineramaPrimaryScreen 0 Xinerama on Style * StartsOnScreen 0
In my case, wrong colors in xinerama was an issue related with xorg.conf. Hope it gives some ideas.


Does somebody still have this config? I would like to have the window decors.