FvwmIconMan disable Autofit buttons?

If I only open one program it fills the whole FvwmIconMan. Is it possible to determine a max size that a window is allowed to fill in the FvwmIconMan and then just leave the rest for empty space??

I still cannot Maximize windows in the FvwmIconMan. But I tried to download and use a config from the config section that contains a FvwmButtons that swallows a FvwmIconMan and when I use that config it works…bizzare.

Have a look at “MaxButtonWidth” and “MaxButtonWidthByColumns” in the FvwmIconman man page.

– Thomas Adam

Could not find either ind FvwmIconMan or FvwmIconButtons.

It is in the FvwmIconMan manpage though, just search for it :slight_smile:

Where’d you get “FvwmIconButtons” from? Are you making up man pages, or random words now? Tell me something, bigblop (can I ask what your first name is? Only I find it odd having to address you via your nickname) – just how is it you go about trying to configure FVWM for yourself? It’s a serious question.

I’m not out to belittle you, or anything. I really am curious as to the steps you take to achieve a specific task in FVWM. The advice that you’re given here, via these forums… how do you go about learning to understand it? What is it you do, when you read a reply to a question you’ve answered?

I’m genuinely curious – and I would love to know. You don’t have to reply to this thread. You can always send me a private message, if that would help. I just struggle to understand how you can go so far off-beam, despite the fact the very thing you’re told to do is staring you in the face, half the time. :slight_smile:

As I, and tBD have pointed out, the option to FvwmIconMan is in the man page for the 2.5.13 release of FVWM (and above), which I believe you’re using. I don’t know whether you’re aware of this, but if you fire up an xterm, or whatever your favourite terminal emulator you use, and type in:

man FvwmIconman

And you then (once that has loaded), press:


You can then type in a phrase you want to search for. If you then keep pressing the “n” key – that’ll take you to the next match, if there is more than one, until there is no more matches.

– Thomas Adam

I use Fvwm 2.5.12-4 and was told that its only in 2.5.13 those features are included, so that would explain why could not find them.