FvwmIconMan goes crashed on wallpaper change

when i change wallpaper my FvwmButtons taskbar is displayed empty
if i Ctrl+Alt+F1 and read i seeFvwmIconMan: Requested relief (1) too large (for 1x24 box); capped to 0.i don’t understand what can be the cause

You’ll find that error also listed in ~/.xsession-errors, which will surely save you from having to keep changing VT.

Are you using a transparent colourset?

– Thomas Adam

yes, i’m using transparent colorset for everything swallowed in the FvwmButtons
and now i chang RelefThickness to 0 and the crash is still present but the consolo doen’t say anything
i’m reading this looking for answers: mail-archive.com/fvwm-worker … 04695.html
i have no xsession files

edit: i Ctrl^c from console and it saysFvwmIconMan: Internal error with select: errno=Interrupted system call
found this but don’t know if it’s usefull: arch.debian.org/cgi-bin/archzoom … .diff?diff

Shunt it all to the fvwm-workers mailing list. I can’t help you.

– Thomas Adam

i’m trying to solve this problem before posting my config: i see that the errorFvwmIconMan: Requested relief (1) too large (for 1x24 box); capped to 0.comes only if i enable autohide function…