FvwmIconMan: MaxButtonWidth

Hi all! :slight_smile:
I have a problem with the option “MaxButtonWidth” in the FvwmIconMan module.
Well, in my configuration file i’ve put the line:

*FvwmIconMan: MaxButtonWidth 161

but launching Fvwm, i can see this error:

FvwmIconMan: bad line: *FvwmIconManMaxButtonWidth 161 FvwmIconMan: unknown option: *FvwmIconManMaxButtonWidth
Same with MaxButtonWidthByColumns …

I posted this problem even in Irc, but seems that this is a problem related to just my Fvwm…
The strange thing is that this option is documented in the web page, but i can’t find any line about MaxButtonWidth in my “man FvwmIconMan” …

I’m using a Gentoo and that’s my fvwm version:

 x11-wm/fvwm-2.5.12  -bidi -debug +gtk +gtk2 +imlib +nls +perl +png +readline +rplay +stroke -tcltk +truetype +xinerama 


I wouldn’t rightly know, the rule in your config seems to be correct.

But the FvwmIconMan manpage says this:

I have no idea what it means, but it might be the culprit…

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Well, i can’t see any entry in manpage (and this is the really strange thing…)
However, my manager geometry is defined… can’t really understand…
However, thanx for help :slight_smile:

The options listed in “man FvwmIconMan”:

       Name            Description                Default

       NumManagers     number of managers         1
       Action          binds command to event     Mouse 0 N sendcommand Iconify
       Background      default background         gray
       ButtonGeometry  size of button in pixels
       Colorset        default colorset
       DontShow        list of windows to ignore
       DrawIcons       use mini icons             false
       FocusAndSelectButton                       flat grey black
       FocusButton     style for focused buttons  up grey black
       FollowFocus     show which win has focus   false
       Font                                       8x13
       Foreground      default text color         white
       Format          describes button label     "%c: %i"
       IconName        manger icon name           FvwmIconMan
       IconButton      style for icon buttons     up black grey
       ManagerGeometry size of manager in buttons 0x1
       NoIconAction    animate iconification      NOP
       PlainButton     style for normal buttons   up black grey
       ReliefThickness size of button relief      2
       Resolution      global/desk/page/screen    page
       Reverse         normal, icon or none       none
       SelectButton    style for selected buttons flat black grey
       Shape           use shape extension        false
       Show            list of windows to show
       ShowOnlyIcons   only icons visible         false
       ShowNoIcons     icons are not displayer    false
       ShowTransient   transient windows visible  false
       Sort            keep managers sorted       name
       SortWeight      weight for sorting
       Title           manager title              FvwmIconMan
       TitleButton     style for title button     raisededge black grey
       UseWinList      honor WinListSkip?         true

There’s no “MaxButtonWidth” or “MaxButtonWidthByColumns” …

I think the problem is that the features “MaxButtonsWidth” and “MaxButtonsWidthByColumns” have been introduced in the CVS version of Fvwm and not in the last unstable (2.5.12), as described in the official documentation. (same for the “tips” options)

Edit: my fault, because i saw just “2.5.x (unstable) documentation” and in the FvwmIconMan manpage there is the “(not released yet) 2.5.13” specification, which is referring to CVS version.
Now, the last thing is: why put the documentation for an unstable version if this is not released yet? :slight_smile:

I suppose you’re using Gentoo (as I also saw those options in the manpage) so I think you should ask taviso as he’s the fvwm maintainer for Gentoo :slight_smile:

I’ve already asked to him, and all began due to his words. He told me that he can’t understand since he’s using 2.5.12 and has those options in man page… but this isn’t really true. Probably he’s using the Cvs version.
However, thanks for help and thanks to all the Fvwm community for the great work (special thanks to Taviso, for the patience :slight_smile: ).
P.S. …do you know when probably will be released fvwm-2.5.13 ? (seems that this will be the next release, or at least that containing the “critical” FvwmIconMan options)