FvwmIconMan or FvwmTaskBar??

I would like to get a taskbar like the one in win98. First I have tried with the FvwmIconMan but now I have found something that is called FvwmTaskBar that seems to be more what I need.

What are the difference between the two, they seem to be rather identical.

FvwmIconMan is much more flexiable than FvwmTaskBar. FvwmTaskBar isn’t really maintained anymore – it had a lot of niggly bugs. If you want a win98 taskbar, you can swallow FvwmIconMan in an FvwmButtons module, and the effect is the same.


– Thomas Adam

Well I thing I will stick with the TaskBar, it has more the win98 feel to it.

As Thomas Adam said, a combination of FvwmButtons and FvwmIconMan can look exactly the same as FvwmTaskBar, is way less buggy and is way more flexible. Honestly, I wouldn’t think twice if they’d ask me if FvwmTaskBar should be removed from the main Fvwm distribution.

Man! No way! FvwmTaskBar is a quality piece of software!

It’s adequate, but limited. It’s more often the case though, that the “look and feel” FvwmTaskbar has, is only the first port of call. You try extending FvwmTaskbar to do some of the features FvwmIconman has. :slight_smile:

– Thomas Adam