FvwmIconMan - some icons ugly scaled?

See the Audacious icon here compared to the other two. Is there a way to make this look better, or perhaps point IconMan to use a different, custom icon for its icon?

I think FvwmIconMan uses a windows MiniIcon. You can configure custom MiniIcon’s for windows using the MiniIcon Style.

This seems to be ignored by most programs. I tried

Style Audacious MiniIcon  $./audacious.png

and it didn’t change anything, so I tried

Style * MiniIcon  $./audacious.png

just to see if it did anything and the only window button that it applied to was urxvt, which didn’t already have an icon set to it (ie. where the icon would be next to the window name was totally blank before).

Read the manual page, that is not correct syntax. All paths are relative to ImagePath. If the file is located in $HOME/.fvwm/audacious.png then MiniIcon audacious.png should be enough (unless you modified the ImagePath).

I did read the manpage, I just haven’t read ALL of them yet so I didn’t know about ImagePath.

I changed the line to what you mentioned and the effect is identical. Using the Audacious window class, nothing changes. Using *, only windows that don’t already have an icon have audacious.png applied to them.

Something relevant I just noticed: Audacious lets you pick the iconset it uses in general, between “Native” and a couple inbuilt themes. Changing it to “Native” allows fvwm to set the icon. Though, most other programs don’t have this feature so it’s not a big help.

EDIT: No, scratch that, that was just using an icon I manually overwrote in /usr/share/icons.

So I guess fvwm isn’t given priority to overwrite an application insisting upon its own icon?

I forgot you also need the Style EWMHMiniIconOverride to override the program supplied icon.

It works! Thanks for the help!