FvwmIconMan stop functioning regularly

the IconMan just works when fvwm start, however, after around (i am not sure) 30 minutes, or there are more programs running, it stops responding to my mouse click. just odd, it has been a long time since i discover this problem, i examine my config but no luck. here’s the source:

134 Style myIconMan NoHandles, NoTitle, Sticky, BorderWidth 0, !Iconifiable
135 Style myIconMan WindowListSkip, NeverFocus, CirculateSkipIcon, CirculateSkip

137 DestroyModuleConfig myIconMan: *
138 *myIconMan: ManagerGeometry 1x0-0+370
139 *myIconMan: ButtonGeometry 240x35
141 *myIconMan: ReliefThickness 0
142 *myIconMan: Resolution Desk
143 *myIconMan: DrawIcons True
144 *myIconMan: Shape True
145 *myIconMan: ShowOnlyIcons False
147 *myIconMan SelectButton up
148 *myIconMan FocusAndSelectButton up
149 *myIconMan IconButton down
150 *myIconMan PlainButton flat
151 *myIconMan FocusButton up

154 *myIconMan: Colorset 60

156 *myIconMan: FocusColorset 60

158 *myIconMan: FocusAndSelectColorset 60

160 *myIconMan: IconColorset 62

162 *myIconMan: SelectColorset 60

164 myIconMan: PlainColorset 62
166 myIconMan: Font "--simsun-medium-r-
168 *myIconMan: Action Mouse 1 N sendcommand Iconify
169 *myIconMan: Action Mouse 2 N sendcommand Raise, sendcommand FlipFocus
170 *myIconMan: Action Mouse 3 N sendcommand “Popup FvwmWinOpsMenu”
172 *myIconMan: FollowFocus True
173 *myIconMan: UseWinList True
174 *myIconMan: Format “%t”
175 *myIconMan: Title “”

the same thing happened to my focus policy and key bindings as well, while i found my IconMan stop responding, my keybinding and focus policy stops working too!!!

any ideas about this? thanks a lot


This could be for any number of reasons – perhaps some transient window has popped up and grabbed the Xserver? Mind you, you’d have known about it, that being the case…

What about ~/.xsession-errors – assuming FVWM logs there, is there anything in that file to indicate the problem you’re having with FvwmIconMan? If not, can you see any patterns to when it stops working? If you can, detail them, and post a minimal config (that demonstrates the problem) to the fvwm-workers mailing-list, to see what the verdict is there.

– Thomas Adam

i did not follow up this problem is because that i could not find anything unusual in my xsession-errors, i switch on the FvwmDebug, and found nothing helpful.

i examine my config file carefully and found some “errors”, that is, i fogot some commas in my config, eg
Style “rxvt” TitleAtLeft StartsOnDesk 1

i fixed that, no help though, i wonder whether fvwm report errors in config files or not? so i think there perhaps exists some “errors” like that causes some function stops responding, for me except the FvwmIconMan and my key bindings, everything else just works…

am i the only one have the problem ?? :frowning:
thanks anyway.


Hi danielhf,

wat I saw in your config is, that you don’t tell fvwm how many iconmanagers you have. I think you should change your config like that:

With the first entry you told fvwm the number of icon managers (in this case: one). With the number “1” you told fvwm the configuration parameters of your specific icon manager.

Normally you don’t need it if you have only one. But save is save :wink:

By the way: you have forgotten the colons in the lines 147 - 151.



I’ve mentioned this before in a previous post:


– Thomas Adam

Hi Thomas,

so danielhf don’t need that changes I have suggested (sorry for that question but I don’t understand your explanations under your link so well - due to my bad english …)?