Most languages have some form of parody that they can relate to a specific area. Often such things work because of syntax and idioms within the langauage. Ruby is no exception to this. In fact, there’s a wiki page listing Movie Parodies:


I mentioned this on IRC in #fvwm (irc.freenode.net — I am there all the time, should anyone care.) and so Tavis and myself came up with some solutions involving FVWM. Note that some of them are quite esoteric:

If anyone else has any they can think of, do post them here. :slight_smile:

– Thomas Adam
– Tavis Ormandy

Haha! :smiley:
Nice ones.

[code]AddToFunc Darkness

  • I Exec xsetroot -solid black
  • I All (Narya Nenya Vilya) Rule

Key R Darkness[/code]

[code]AddToFunc Darkside

  • I TestRc (Error) PipeRead ‘for i in /var/run/*.jedi; do kill -9 cat $i; done’