FvwmPage position with 1/2 monitors...

Often I have to use a PC with 1 monitor and another one with two monitors.

I like to have the pager just in top-right corner of the only monitor in the first case or in the top-right corner if the right monitor in the second configuration.

Unfortunately I am not able to tune my config to have this behavior in both cases.

I assumed that using

FvwmPagerGeometry 91x50-00+00

should put the pager in the right position in both case but when using two monitors it puts the pager in the top-right corner of the LEFT monitor…

Since my home and therefor my config are shared using NFS I can not use two different configs…

Help is appreciated!



Xinerama on XineramaPrimaryScreen gin your config.
For more information read 31.9.13. Xinerama to play around. Perhaps this could help.

– Thomas –

Thanks, it worked!

I also added

Style “FvwmPager” … StartsOnScreen g