FvwmPager and the ability to resize it?

Below is my configuration for FvwmPager. For some reason I can still resize the Pager window by clicking and dragging its borders or corners. How can I disable it to make it 100% sticky and static.

DestroyModuleConfig FvwmPager: *
*FvwmPager: UseSkipList
*FvwmPager: SolidSeparators
*FvwmPager: Geometry 400x320-10+10
*FvwmPager: Colorset * 10
*FvwmPager: Font none
*FvwmPager: HilightColorSet * 11
*FvwmPager: WindowColors #ffffff #000000 #ffffff #110077

Style FvwmPager Sticky, StaysOnBottom,  NoTitle,  WindowListSkip, CirculateSkipIcon, CirculateSkip, HandleWidth 0, BorderWidth 1, NeverFocus, !Handles

You want to add:


to the list of style options for it. You might also want to look at:


as a consequence of using FixedSize — it depends.

– Thomas Adam

Thanks, I’ll try those!