FvwmPager Pixmap for Desk 0,1, 2

How to replace FvwmPager DeskColor for each desk with Pixmap? Current DeskColor:

*FvwmPager: DeskColor 0 #c0feea
*FvwmPager: DeskColor 1 #6bff90
*FvwmPager: DeskColor 2 #f7f764

This shows the same Pixmap on each desk:

*FvwmPager: Pixmap $[CORE_DIR]/Desker/web.png

How to get this to work?

*FvwmPager: Desk 0 Pixmap $[CORE_DIR]/Desker/web.png
*FvwmPager: Desk 1 Pixmap $[CORE_DIR]/Desker/email.png
*FvwmPager: Desk 2 Pixmap $[CORE_DIR]/Desker/work.png

Use colorsets, they are far more versatile and should be used over these old settings.

A similar question I have about different color for each desk Label. Just an idea, Pixmap covers all desks. Make web.png image with three images. Each part is same size as the desk mini-window. Also, Label color can be included.

Didn’t know, isn’t colorsets for colors only, or also for Pixmap??? Can you show a sample or give a link?

Read the man page on Colorsets, it will give you the info you need.

@somiaj, got the idea and did bit of google search.

@rasat, this with Pixmap for each desk:
*FvwmPager: DeskPixmap 0 $[CORE_DIR]/Desker/web.png
*FvwmPager: DeskPixmap 1 $[CORE_DIR]/Desker/email.png
It fills mini-window but not label area.

This is better, I copied from topic FvwmPager DeskColor/DeskPixmap

Colorset 100 Pixmap $[CORE_DIR]/Desker/web.png
Colorset 101 Pixmap $[CORE_DIR]/Desker/email.png

Colorset [desk no] [colorset no]
*FvwmPager: Colorset 0 100
*FvwmPager: Colorset 1 101

Today was a learning day. :slight_smile:
@rasat, this makes your Desker pager great, KISe 1.4.1 from GitHub :star2:

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I still suggest reading the man page, it describes all the settings you can control with colorsets, from pixmaps, to gradients, and more.

In manpage, it is not clear how to combine pixmap and gradient.

For example, to combine colorset 90 and 100 (image with brownish color)
Colorset 90 VGradient 50 #5c564e #f5f5dc
Colorset 100 Pixmap $[CORE_DIR]/Desker/web.png

EDIT… found one sample with Tint option.
Colorset 100 Pixmap $[CORE_DIR]/Desker/web.png, Tint #5c564e 40

VGradient has fg, bg, hi, etc. options.

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Colorsets can take multiple options, So Colorset 100 Pixmap ..., VGradient ..., bg ..., fg ..., etc. But since all a gradient does is create a Pixmap for the background, it probably won’t work well with pixmaps, but Tint will as you found out.

Also you shouldn’t be using such high numbers for your colorset, though not that noticiable on modern hardware, if you use Colorset 100, fvwm will reserve memory for all colorsets 0-100, even if they aren’t being used. So you should mostly just define them in order.

@Mjaakko you saved days of work. I was making a thumbnail for each desk mini-window to have a different color for each desk view. As well as have the same look as the wallpapers which are all black and white for the Work Desk function.

Finding the right shade color with Gimp filter is a headage. The users may not even like them. With Tint, make any color.

Colorset 17 Pixmap $[CORE_DIR]/Desker/web-bw.png, Tint #2dd2d2 20
Colorset 18 Pixmap $[CORE_DIR]/Desker/email-bw.png, Tint #64ff4f 20
Colorset 19 Pixmap $[CORE_DIR]/Desker/work-bw.png, Tint #ffd176 40
Colorset 20 Pixmap $[CORE_DIR]/Desker/misc-bw.png, Tint #6a8982 20


Now, to find out how to make the black and white wallpapers with the same Tint color? They are managed by FvwmBacker (a few days ago found this command). Where to add the Tint colorset?

*FvwmBacker: Command (Desk 0, Page 0 0) Exec exec fvwm-root -r $[CORE_DIR]/Desker/web-tiled-bw.png
*FvwmBacker: Command (Desk 1, Page 0 0) Exec exec fvwm-root -r $[CORE_DIR]/Desker/email-tiled-bw.png

For some reason not getting FvwmBacker to work with Colorset or without including Tint.


*FvwmBacker: Command (Desk 0, Page 0 0) Exec fvwm-root $[HOME]/bg2.xpm
*FvwmBacker: Command (Desk 0, Page 1 *) -solid yellow
*FvwmBacker: Command (Desk 1, Page * 1) Colorset 5

For the time being, using ImageMagick convert
convert web-tiled-bw.png -fill "#9cd7d7" -colorize 20 web-tiled-col.png

Colorset Tint does a better job and doesn’t affect the original black and white wallpapers.

Tiled wallpapers (Web, Email, Work and Misc.):

Any better solution, let me know. As of now, it’s good. I have updated the Fvwm KISe GitHub.

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Good to know. I have seen users with Colorset numbers 200 to 300 keeping a logical order. So, that’s not wise to do. I will edit a few of my colorsets.