FvwmPager Separators??

For some reason my Separators are yellow. Is it possible to change them to black?

If its possible it could also be nice to have them around the whole pager like a frame not just a cross as it is now. Hope you get what I mean:

Fore color?

I have tried *FvwmPager: Fore green. But the seperators are still yellow and still its only a cross. The only thing that gets green is the frame behind the text “Virtual Desktop”.

Have you check FvwmPager’s manpage? All this should be in there, just type:

man FvwmPager

I have read the FvwmPager man page a hundred times and have tried all the functions but there is nothing regarding the seperators color. Its only possible to make them solid or dotted

I’ll tell you what I did: I created a file called ~/.fvwm/test_pager like so:

KillModule FvwmPager TestPager DestroyModuleConfig FvwmPager: TestPager *TestPager: Fore red Module FvwmPager TestPager

Then I launched it from the console like so:

read test_pager

And I got a pager like this:

The red and purple is horrible, but you can see the separators are red.

Ok thats just what I want. But now I get two Pagers, is it not possible to add ths solution without having to read from a file?

If I make another file like the one in your example how can I then change the font/transparenty/StaysInTop etc.??

Reading the FAQ along with the countless other examples in this thread will set you straight. You should also read: man fvwmtheme.

– Thomas Adam

Right. You got two pagers becuase I set up the test pager with an alias - called TestPager, imaginatively enough. I did this so I didn’t mess up my pager. Or yours for that matter.

If you choose a transparent colorset, and if you do not specify a foreground colour, then FVWM will pick a foreground colour for maximum contrast and visibility Perhaps this is happening with your regular pager?

I have copied you example exactly as you have writtin it but for some reason I get two pagers (one on top of th other).

I have also tried to add the following to the test_pager file to make the pager transparent but then the yellow seperators appear again!:

KillModule FvwmPager TestPager
DestroyModuleConfig FvwmPager: TestPager
*TestPager: Fore red

Colorset 23 Transparent, fg rgb:ff/ff/c4, bg darkgray
*TestPager: Colorset * 23
Style TestPager ParentalRelativity

Module FvwmPager TestPager

The reason they get yellow must have something to do with with making the pager transparent

Ok I read about Foreground color in the man pages under FvwmTheme and I has the following:

fg, Fore and Foreground take a color name as an argument and set the foreground color.

But when I put “Foreground black” in my .fvwm2rc nothing happens.

How can I make sure that its only the borders that will be black when I use “Foreground” and have a transparant Pager?

You should read that page again :slight_smile: The foreground option is a modifier to the colorset command.

So you’d need to attach that to a colorset command, and then use the colorset in your pager to see any effect.

incidentally, I fiddled with the test pager script a bit more.

Colorset 23 Transparent, fg black, bg darkgray Style TestPager ParentalRelativity KillModule FvwmPager TestPager DestroyModuleConfig FvwmPager: TestPager *TestPager: Colorset * 23 Module FvwmPager TestPager
That gives me a transparent pager and black borders.

Do you redefine colorset 30 later in your config?

Ok that is perfect! But I still have two pagers.

the only way I can remove the second pager it by changing DeskTopSize to 1x1, but then I just get one window.

Any hints?

If I add:

Style FvwmPager StaysOnTop

to the test file the pagers stay on the top.

But if I add:

*FvwmPagerLabel * “Virtual Desktops”.

one of them is called “Desk 0” and the other is just called “0”.

How do I change all te regular pager settings for the desktop in the test file??

Just change your definitions for colorset 23 in the main config to the one from the test pager file, make sure your real pager config uses colorset 23, and pitch out the Fore command as well then.

Then you can junk the test_pager file - it was only ever a test script to find out which parts of the config were needed to solve the problem. You can throw it away now.

Your explanation is very vague, but I suspect you have two desktops and not two pagers, try starting FvwmPager with 0 (zero) as an argument, like this:

+ I Module FvwmPager 0

this should work too:

+ I Module FvwmPager 0 0

If that doesn’t solve your problem you are probably starting two instances of FvwmPager and you’re going to have to figure out where you start them and then remove one of them (or upload your config somewhere so we can have a look at it, but please don’t post it here in it’s entirity).