Does anyone use the fvwmpy module from http://barry.warsaw.us/software/fvwm.html?

Im running python 2.4 and cannot get bits of it working. The basic module seems to work as does the pyquiter applet but the other modules do nothing or result in a string of error messages.

I’ve played around with it a bit, but it appears to lack quite a few features one might consider necessary (can’t access FVWM’s variables for instance…). I’ve looked into improving it a bit but my Python knowledge isn’t really all that :wink:

I might still have some of my testcode lying around, I can search for it if you want me to (don’t expect miraculously cool code though).

I’ve never had it crash in me as far as I can remember… maybe check that your paths are alright and such.

Im guessing its the fact that i have python 2.4. I dont know what version it was written in but its probably passed its sell by date.

If what you say is true im probably better off learning perl. Im just checking out the code for FvwmWindowMenu and it doesnt look all that complex.

Thanks for the offer though!