FvwmQuiz :)

Well, this is just a proof of concept idea only, and I might develop it further. I’ve devised a tiny little quiz here:


Let me know what you think – I might develop it further.

– Thomas Adam

You scored: 5! Well done. :)

More, more. :smiley:

got 3 except the first 2. Who cares the old name and history?

shoot… thought I was gonna get question #2 wrong

It’s a quiz – that includes trivia. It’s also meant to be treated as light-hearted and not taken seriously.

If at first you don’t succeed…

– Thomas Adam

Too easy… :wink:

Funnily enough I scored the same thing. :stuck_out_tongue: Stay tuned though, I am adding more questions as I type this.

– Thomas Adam

8 right :smiley: last 2 were wrong for me, those were hard :slight_smile:

Now it’s getting harder… questions of the inner workings of FvwmButtons. I got question 8 wrong, and I believe you’ve got question 10 wrong.

Nope – question 10’s answer is the first option, which is what the script returns as the answer.

I’ll add some other questions about placement policies in a moment. :slight_smile:

– Thomas Adam

I answered the first option, and it faild me on that question. By brute force I found that it accepted the anser that would have been right if Current was substituted for PointerWindow.

You seem to have corrected that now anyway. Still there is no correct answer, since there is no Curent command. :wink:

What about some more trivia questions, like “What did the F in FVWM stand for originally?”?

Yup, I can add that.

Yay, I scored 12/14! I honestly didn’t expect it, some questions are really pretty tough.

I got 10 and 11 wrong should anybody care, 10 was just a guess as I had to answer all questions to get a result and 11 made me doubt my original answer…should’ve stuck with it :wink:

Oh, and on 9 I apparently just picked the right answer…lucky me. Hmm, I probably shouldn’t have told you that :stuck_out_tongue:


Version 2 (as I like to think of it) is out. The old .html link is invalid. The permenant address for it is here:


It now pseudo-randomly generates the questions, and randomly shuffles the order in which the answers are displayed. Just makes things a little more interesting, and helps a little towards preventing cheating. :stuck_out_tongue:

More questions, are of course, welcome.

– Thomas Adam

Question 1 is correct!
Question 10 is correct!
Aww, sorry. Question 11 is wrong.
Question 12 is correct!
Aww, sorry. Question 13 is wrong.
Aww, sorry. Question 14 is wrong.
Question 2 is correct!
Question 3 is correct!
Question 4 is correct!
Question 5 is correct!
Question 6 is correct!
Question 7 is correct!
Aww, sorry. Question 8 is wrong.
Aww, sorry. Question 9 is wrong.

You scored: 9! Well done. :slight_smile:

The answer numbering is not mapping the questions. And it is not sorted by numbers.

It’s a crying shame…

That didn’t really help… once you know an answer:

To be fair… if I had done it the first time it would have been 11.

questions that I got wrong:

fvwmevent, fvwmbuttons identify order and the wait command.