FvwmResizeSucks 'cos it'sObligedToGoOutsideTheWindowToResize

How is it possible to make it like in fluxbox or other X-Gui???

(Mouse 3 IWTF M FvwmResizeOrRaise)

Thank you very much


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Can you perhaps describe how FluxBox resizes windows?

– Thomas Adam

This is just a wild guess:

Style * ResizeOpaque

Mouse 1 H M Resize

Where 1 is mouse button (1=left, 2=middle, 3=right) H is “Handle” if I remember correctly, and hence the one that you’d want. M is “Move”, and Resize is a built-in function.

PS. Please correct me if I’m wrong… haven’t used fvwm in ages :blush:

First of all, thank you very much for your replies !!

Thansk also for the M, i thought that was ALT key holded … 'cos I saw CS in website… for alt and shift
I was confused … shame sshame, but i am newbie with fvwm …

So, in fluxbox, the thing is that:
mouse is working normally for mouse left => click
mouse right ==> context menu

but the additional stuff that i like very very much in fluxbox and similar to others Xserver is the following :

Holding ALT key + Left Mouse ===> results in MOVING THE Window (where u desire, that is similar as Mouse 1(without alt) on the title bar
(That feature, I managed in my .fvwmrc2 !!! Yes yes)

Concerning the One that I would like to reach is:
Is it possible to when :
I press ALT and DRAG the Mouse (mouse in the center of the concerned window) that the Window moves IMMEDIATELY !

Up to now, with Resize and FvwmResizeOrRaise, the result is the following:
ALT and Mouse Left
results in having to go from the center of the window to the edge , and then the window starts to get into resizing …
this delay is rather bugging when window edge is damn far …

Is thsi immediate the trick?
Woudl you have a code for me please ??

Thank you very very much


(I saw mouse 1 12… the 12, i still dont know what it is )…

That M is for alt held down.

You can do what you want with fvwm:

DestroyFunc WindowMoveControl
AddToFunc WindowMoveControl
+ M Move

Mouse 1 W M Function WindowMoveControl

Now holding Meta (usually mapped to alt on PC-keyboards) and clicking on a client window with the left button will call the function WindowMoveControl, which does nothing unless the mouse is moved, at which point it starts the move operation. If you just had done

Mouse 1 W M Move

The move operation will not be started before the button is released. One thing I usually find useful with my own move code is to have

AddToFunc WindowMoveControl
+ M Move
+ H Raise
+ H Move

which will raise the window if I hold the mouse longer that ClickTime before starting to move the window.

The problem with that is that fvwm don’t know what direction you want to resize the window in before it hits a border.
You may use resize as

Resize direction SE WarpToBorder

, and the pointer will warp to the SE border of the window. However, if you want to shorten the left edge, that is not the optimal way to do that.

12 means that modifier 1 and 2 has to be held down. On most distrubutions that is Alt and Num Lock

First of all, thank you very much for ur very complete reply !!
I tried as you indicated me the function :
The results are much better … the window starts to move immediately.
I used the following in my .fvwm2rc:

DestroyFunc WindowLudoResize
AddToFunc WindowLudoResize

  • M Resize direction SE WarpToBorder

Mouse 3 W M Function WindowLudoResize

The effect is as u said ALT(holding) Mouse 3 click(holding)
results in an immediate resizing and the mouse arrow is teleported (SE WarpToBorder) to the border.
That’s pretty ok compared to before.

If you find way to avoid “teleporting” this mouse arrow to the border, and enabling moving only the right and bottom border resizing-bigger or resizing-smaller by detecting the moves done from the initial position, please let me know.

Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge of this great customizable fvwm,

Wiht my best regards and greetings from belgium,



just remove the WarpToBorder option from the resize command and it will do that.

It works perfectly !!! Thank you very much,

Fvwm is very nice X gui !

I am stillign searching my best config for my use of linux…
ALways changing sthg …

See ya’