FvwmScript with "blank" widget

Dear Colleagues,

I need to use FvwmScript but I Have no need for any graphical widget associated with it (i.e. size 0x0).
I just need to use Init/Periodic Tasks and some code executed on demand. The last part will presumably need to be associated with some widget type but I have not found a blank type of widget.

Is there a way to accomplish that?

Sorry if this was discussed before but I couldn’t find it anywhere.



No. FvwmScript works only with a GUI.

Why don’t you use a FvwmModule? You could modify the FvwmSleep module for that.

– Thomas –

Thanks Thomas for suggestion.
I will investigate this topic.

For the time being I managed to use a work around by using simple rectangle with Hidden flag.
It may help someone in the future:

Widget 3
Type Rectangle
Flags Hidden