FvwmWharf and RootTransparent in Colorset

Is it possible for FvwmWharf to be RootTransparent?

I have a colorset used for FvwmButtons that makes them RootTransparent, but when using that same colorset on FvwmWharf, the background is just blue.

Am I doing something wrong or is this just not possible?

FvwmWharf is old, and hasn’t been any updates in ages. Since it’s just a cut-down version of FvwmButtons, I suggest you use that instead.

– Thomas Adam

The more I read about FvwmWharf, the more the functionality seems like a dumbed down FvwmButtons. I chose to use it because of its name, as I wanted to use it for dockapps. I will begin to migrate to FvwmButtons soon.

Thanks for the advice