fvwmwiki offline?

Hello, I wanted to get some info I knew was on the fvwm wiki but I cannot access the website. Is it offline? moved?

or is it just me? I don’t seem to have problems accessing other websites.


It seems to be that this news are still true:
So try to use

thanks,I must have missed that post.

Is there another link I can try? Neither fvwmwiki.bu-web.de/ are working for me. I get a DNS error from the first and a 502 from the second.

No, and with repsect to the 502 error, I’m working on it. What was it you wanted on the wiki? (Given I’ve written a large proportion of what’s there anyway, I have most copies of the raw text elsewhere.)

– Thomas Adam

I’d pretty much forgotten about it until a mailing list post reminded me of it. Nothing specific I wanted from it, I just wanted to browse it and see what was in it.