Gdesklets don't stay in their place

Each time i start, the gdesklets appear in random places of the screen, how can i fix this?


PD, i also was looking for keeping them inside a FvwmButtons window, can this be posible?, how to make them be in position there?

Do you mean they remember their position each time you start them? How do you start them? We need a few more details. :slight_smile:

– Thomas Adam

I think you’ll need NoPPosition or NoUSPosition here, at least I did for xpad…

Swallowing won’t work as all gdesklets have the same wintow class, but maybe they have a different title, in the latter case I suppose it would be possible to swallow them separately based on their title…

Well, with the NoPPosition, at least they appear in line starting from the top-right corner, but they still don’t appear where i left them. Unfortunately, they all have the same title.

They start with a exec gdesklets on the StartFunction part of the config file.

OK, if i do “gdesklets stop” and then “gdesklets start” they start random again, i think then it’s not fvwm who does this. If i find the solution i’ll post it anyway, it may serve somebody.

See this:


Where, in the function I use “ResizeMove”, you can use “Move” or “AnimatedMove” to shift the window around the screen in whatever fashion you see fit. :slight_smile:

– Thomas Adam

Hi, I’ve got the same problem with my setup. Problem with gdesklets is that when you invoke gdesklets start, it starts up all modules that gdesklets has registered. Unless there’s some way to extract position information from the actual modules, it’s probably not possible to move individual modules around (there will always be a race condition as to which module will move first when using “Move”). I’m not sure if there’s any easy solution for gdesklets + fvwm, unless fvwm has some way of extracting position information from GTK “hints” (sorry, I’m not in any way knowledgeable in this matter, so maybe I’m talking stupid here, but bear with me :wink:).