Geekpride's screenshot

I’m just looking for a little feedback.

This is my first stylish config. Up until now they have all been purely utilitarian. Based on the 3am Fluxbox config.

I’m working on a new configuration. … 8&p=screen

It’s kind of a pain to get thumbnails to show up in FvwmIconMan.

I’ll vote for the second one… it’s very nice! 8)

I like the second one to but i Love the wallpaper in the first.

I got the image for the old wallpaper here:

I think I’ve found the layout that works best for me. It looks a lot like gnome. … c&p=screen

It looks nice and clean, especially the color on the window titles and “taskbar”. The close/min/max buttons aren’t really my taste but one has his own taste right?

Good job!

(ps. I was talking about the last one, i like the taskbar of the first picture too, small and clean)

I don’t like the window decoration buttons either. I made them in the gimp real fast just to have something there.

I can’t stop playing with this. You can do so much. Here’s what my setup looks like right now. … 4&p=screen

I have a new screenshot up here: … f&p=screen

I just realized that you can add a TiledPixmap as part of a colorset. That changes everything.