general config syntax

Are there any general syntax guidelines when writing your own config?

I’m writing mine from scratch (and enjoying every minute of it), and while I think fv is the epitomy of freedom of choice in linux and computers in general…I don’t like having messy code. I take the extra time in making my code extra readable (at least to me), though I wasn’t sure if there were other things I should take into account here.

For example… I am looking at several different articles:

# Program Launching Functions
DestroyFunc AppXTerm
AddToFunc   AppXTerm
+ I Exec exec xterm

This guy seems to put “fvwm” before all of his variables and functions…is this something I should consider? Personally I would:

DestroyFunc FvwmXTerm
AddToFunc   FvwmXTerm
+ I Exec exec xterm

What do you guys think? Thanks~

In Fvwm version 1, there used to be. That is, you had to have the functions listed in a certain order, and such. But that’s history. Nowadays there aren’t any syntax guidelines whatsoever.

All commands in FVWM are case-insensitive, although most like to use CamelCAse to show FVWM commands, which is fine. Personally, I tend (by way of using Vim’s folding techniques) to structure my .fvwm2rc file thus:

  • General hints such as ImagePath, EWMH* stuff, etc.
  • Style lines
  • Decors
  • Functions
  • Menus
  • Module commands

But it is completely up to you – whichever works best.

None whatsoever – the freedom is yours as to how you structure it.

As I said before, you can structure it to your heart’s content. :slight_smile:

– Thomas Adam

thanks :slight_smile: