Gentoo now emerging FVWM version 2.5.19

I have noted that as recently as last week, a Gentoo emerge of FVWM was that of 2.5.18. Now it’s been apparently upgraded to version 2.5.19. FVWM-themes are however still designating version 2.4+, but of course they seem to work OK with 2.5 versions.

Of course. What was your point?

– Thomas Adam

In case anyone had previously emerged version 2.5.18 and wanted to easily move up to 2.5.19 through the emerge command and wasn’t aware of the upgrade, I thought it might be useful to post this information.

In gentoo usually people do “emerge -uD world” regularly to keep the system updated. And, anyway, 2.6.19 is still in ~arch for all architectures, including x86 which usually is the first to get marked stable. So, unless you are doing ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~yourarch" or put that package into package.keywords you will not get the upgrade.

I’m impressed at 2.6.19 – amazing what maths can do these days. :stuck_out_tongue:

– Thomas Adam

Hehehe, sorry, that, of course, was an slight confussion :stuck_out_tongue: For some reason my kernel version numbers - that are amazingly similar to those in the fvwm version - slipped on my mind.

Thanks for the correction :slight_smile: