Gentoo v1

well here it is, i cant take credit for the main file, i just edited the hell outof it, used my own icons that i got from and resized them, im thinking of removing the taskbar tho, i really dont care for them, the main goal is to get a minimal desktop, i cant stand all these configs with large taskbars/quicklaunch menus.

large screenshot

if anyone finds it usefull ill post my config, ill be removing the taskbar ASAP but ill keep the config for anyone that wants it

Post it anyway – the whole idea of having screenshots and their accompanying configs is that they’re hre for whomever wants them, rather than on a per-demand basis.

Nice screenshot. :stuck_out_tongue:

– Thomas Adam

Well i was basivly buying myself some time to clean up the code, anyway heres it is Gentoo-v1.tar.gz 275KB

oh and the original config credit goes out to Tavis Ormandy i took it and hacked away, im only on FVWM for about 4 days, hope you enjoy