getting a "start menu" to behave "properly&qu

Again, I am using 2.4.19, not the new series. I will move to 2.5.x when it is declared “stable”.

ok, this is the code I have with FvwmTaskBar to popup my main menu when I click the Start button:

*FvwmTaskBar: StartMenu MainMenu mouse c -100m -60p 

However, I suspect this is not written correctly, because when I click the Start button, the menu just pops up where my mouse pointer was, as opposed to popping up above the start button, which is what it “should” do.

In other words, I want it to behave like the Main Menu in GNOME, or the Start Menu in Windows 98.

Any thoughts on that?


Look at the “Rectangle” option to the menu command in the FVWM man page.

– Thomas Adam