Getting the gimp splash screen to not have a title

In other Window Managers (XFCE and Metacity, but not Fluxbox) The splash screen for the gimp doesn’t have a titlebar. How do I duplicate that in FVWM?

I know you could do:

Style "GIMP Splash" NoTitle

Except that this is specific to the gimp. The same sort of thing happens with other programs (can’t remember which ones). I tried FVWMIdent’ing the splash screen, but I saw nothing special about the gimp’s splash screen.

Add “NakedTransient” to that style line.

– Thomas Adam

Unfortunatly, the startup screen isn’t transient. And, I’m looking for a way to make it apply to splash screens from other programs too, without adding a style line for each program.

I was hoping it might be. Unfortunately, you’re probably not going to find a generic solution for all splash-screens across applications. Of course, they’re only on-screen for a short-length of time. Why would you even want to title them (I am unclear whether such windows are actually managed by FVWM in this instance or not.)

– Thomas Adam

The latest Gimp starts in less than a second, I had really hard time even noticing did it have decoration or not :laughing: (mine did, by the way)

Works for me

Style "GIMP Startup" NoTItle

Gimp uses the _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE_SPLASH EWMH, which isn’t used by fvwm. According to ewmh.c it is ignored, which means there is currently no way for a style to match all windows with the SPLASH window type.