Gnome Like

I’ve ended up with a gnome look/feel. This is 1024x768 on a slightly slow computer so I’ve removed stuff like FvwmEvent and Thumbnails. It is a
fairly simple config but depends on a few patches:

Various patches for decor etc (Needed for the decor):

A quick patch to add rounded corners and padding to FvwmIconMan (Optional):
You can edit the define’s at the top but it’s fixed at compile time.

cd modules/FvwmIconMan
patch -p 0 < iconman.patch

StickyWindowStipples (Optional):
For flicker free GotoPage/MoveToPage.

The config:

There are also screenshots of other configs here:

Really nice!
And many thanks for the link to the IconMan-patch!


Very Nice. I was looking for a new look after I worked a bit in gnome. Found this and started playing with it. Very nice.

I have made a few modifications so far. First - made the gnome bar a bit more dynamic using $[vp.width], and then just using a large number for the columns, not sure how to work with it yet, as it doesn’t like using variables.

The other thing I did was use the ActiveHover for the title buttons, just made the inside a bit darker.

If anyone is intrested in either I can explain more, but I plan on adding a bit more from my old configs and taviso’s windows ops menu.