google chrome icon in task bar has disappeared

Until recently, when I opened google chrome, the chrome logo appeared in my taskbar. At some point it disappeared, making it very hard to locate the chrome window. When I open chromium, the icon appears as it should. Does anybody know how to get the icon back?

thanks very much for any advice!

You can add the icon folder with the chrome icon to the ImagePath or assign it new like Style <Name_of_chrome> EWMHMiniIconOverride, Icon path_to_icon, MiniIcon path_to_icon .
– Thomas –

Thanks Thomas: I put this in my .fvwm/style file, Seemed to follow your syntax

Style "google-chrome" EWMHMiniIconOverride, Icon /home/simon/.fvwm/png/chrome-icon.png , MiniIcon /home/simon/.fvwm/png/chrome-icon.png

but still no icon when I open google-chrome.

Is there a simple vanilla template that I can try that would illustrate how to do this?

Thanks for your help.

As you open FvwmConsole and type Module FvwmIdent and click with the cross onto the chrome titlebar, what shows the identify window behind “Class”? Because, this name should be used instead of “google-chrome”. Note: the name is case-sensitive!

Fabulous, thanks Thomas :laughing:

Is there any way to also set the button color using the style command?