GoToPage and focus

In my config (fvwm-crystal), I have:

Mouse 4 R N GotoPage-Right Mouse 5 R N GotoPage-Left

When the cursor is on the border of the screen, I can go trough all the pages in a circular way with the wheel.

If I have a focused window or previously focused window on page 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 and 8, and no window on page 4 and 5, when I start from page 1, the windows on page 2 and 3 will have the focus, but the focus will be lost from page 6, and it will never come back until I click on some window.

If I do the same with Ctrl-Alt-F, fvwm don’t loose the focus. Is it a way I can do the same (not loose the focus) with GotoPage? Or, can it be something wrong in my config, and if yes, what can it be?

I find a way to do that by modifying the function on Switch Focus to window on next page

[code]DestroyModuleConfig FE:*
*FE: new_page FocusOnGotoPage
*FE: new_desk FocusOnGotoPage

AddToFunc StartFunction I Module FvwmEvent FE

DestroyFunc FocusOnGotoPage
AddToFunc FocusOnGotoPage

  • I None (CirculateHit, CurrentPage, Focused) Any (AcceptsFocus) Focus[/code]

I replace Next by Any, because Next was setting the focus on the wrong window when it is several window on a page.

I am surprised that fvwm doesn’t do that by default with a click to focus policy.

In fact, this is even more mysterious. Alt-F are not xorg bindings, but fvwm-crystal bindings defined as:

Key F1 A M GotoPage 0 0 Key F2 A M GotoPage 1 0 Key F3 A M GotoPage 2 0 Key F4 A M GotoPage 3 0 Key F5 A M GotoPage 4 0 Key F6 A M GotoPage 5 0 Key F7 A M GotoPage 6 0 Key F8 A M GotoPage 7 0 Key F9 A M GotoPage 8 0 Key F10 A M GotoPage 9 0 Key F11 A M GotoPage 10 0 Key F12 A M GotoPage 11 0

That imply than “GotoPage x y” is handling the focus in a correct manner, but “GotoPage-Right” and “GotoPage-Left” are not.