Gravity problem

I want to disable the gravity, is it possible?

Thanx for help, it’s deeply urgent

the docs mention an IgnoreGravity style, but I never tried it.

I’ve try :
FvwmCommand ‘Style “MyWindow” MoveByProgramMethod IgnoreGravity’

Nothing happend, execpt and error message saying that it do not know the commands.

I don’t know what to do… except searching and searching on the web… :frowning:

You have to have commas between the different style conditions, hence:

FvwmCommand 'Style "MyWindow" MoveByProgramMethod, IgnoreGravity'

– Thomas Adam

I’ve try again…
It still not work.

In fact, I think the problem happend when my window execute a moove to be inside the window…

Somebody got an idea???

Thx for the help

You’d do well to start looking at what Fvwm is trying to do when you run the style line is applied. More often than not (if you’re using startx, xdm, etc) fvwm will log to /.xsession-errors – have a look in that file, to see if/what fvwm tried to do about it, but couldn’t.

– Thomas Adam