GUI programs from fvwm-menu-directory always open xterm

Hi! I’m currently trying to use fvwm-menu-directory to create a music browser menu.

My current code:

DestroyFunc FuncFvwmMenuDirectory
AddToFunc FuncFvwmMenuDirectory   
+ I PipeRead 'fvwm-menu-directory -d '$0' --title '%d' --xterm="/home/michi/" --exec-file "audacious"'

You may notice the strange parameter for xterm. When I don’t use this xterm parameter, the default one (“xterm -e”) is used and there always opens an xterm when I just want my music player opened.



This way works that no xterm is displayed, but it looks like an ugly hack. I have already tried calling fvwm-menu-directory with ‘–xterm="’, but this didn’t work at all. Do you have any better idea for preventing opening xterm?

EDIT: And when I’m already asking: Can I define an operation for a whole directory and not just for single files? I would like to play a whole directory of music files.

Apologies with the delay in my answering this.

You’ve clearly overlooked the use of:




Note also the “^” prefix to commands which surpresses X-terminal calls. Re-read the manpage for fvwm-menu-directory – it’s all in there.

– Thomas Adam

Sorry for my delay reading your delayed message. :wink:

I’ve realized now that I don’t really need such eyecandy, and have removed the music browser component now. But thanks that you still took time to answer my question!