Guli-Simply configs


here my config very clearly inspired of the config of:


Great thanks !!!



I’m, sorry, I speak French and litlle [size=75]litlle [/size] [size=59]litlle[/size] english

That definitely is a cool config, the colors match perfectly and are easy on the eye and the system monitor on the top right is way cool. I presume it’s an FvwmButtons module? I searched for it in your config pages but couldn’t seem to find it…

On this screenshot it is gdesklets :

but, on another screenshot you can see FvwmButton … 050102.jpg

You should have posted your latest conf with the rounded corner. It’s one of the most appealing conf I’ve ever seen! :wink: (note that this one is awesome too).

The ‘Gentoobox Tools’ menu item (sysup in your configs) in v1.5 of the config has limited functionnality compared to the one we can see in your screenshot.

Is it possible for you to post the most recent version?

Thanks in advance.

Yeah this one is seriously nice: … 050129.jpg

EDIT: just downloaded your config but i don’t see your Rox icons.
Any chance you can put them on you site or point me to where you got them from?



Thanks, for the rounded corner, you can see the screenshot … 050129.jpg

It’s is shape with FvwmButton, thank you with the forums gentoo for its assistance … 62#2061462

Here an example of config to make this shape

Download .png for shaping and cp in shape path … e-gaim.png … -pager.png

Yes, I will update my theme in little time;)

You can downlaod icons on : :blush:

hy gulivert how i put your dock whit icons in my fvwm config?

And here … n=cat&id=6


all the icons are in :


You can add or replace the new icons and edit gulidock. Change the path or name of icons


My theme is made for one alone resolution, you can adapt the dock in your resolution, if you have a problem, you can send me a email :wink:
But in French language :slight_smile:

Cya and good luck

hy, how you give to gaim that transparent thumbnail? i have already search on your configs, but i don’t see were is it, if you can tell me…

fodasse tas em todas !! Meu man Fvwm , vais ficar impressionado , axo ke isso de andar a perguntar tudo a todos ja xateia um bokado !!!

hey guli~

I just started buliding my config from scratch; I really like your window decorations, especially the buttons/title bar, though I can’t figure out what to look at in your configs.

Can you give me some direction here?


Nice theme!

How did you make those nice shadows around windows??

He uses xcompmgr for that, it’s the new xorg extension you’ve no doubt already heard about. Be awar though that it might disable OpenGL or do very weird things when OpenGL is enabled while using it (hardlocks X for me…)

Ok, thanks! I’ll check it out. I so totally n00b to Linux world so I have no idea if I have OpenGL enabled or not… :blush:

Running glxgears or glxinfo will tell you that, if the former doesn’t run, then you don’t have OpenGL enabled :slight_smile: