Happy birthday to us!

Yes, today’s the forum’s 1st birthay.

hands champaign to all people that happen to pass by

So let’s start with some recent history. I launched this forum to fill a, in my humble opinion, gap in the options available to communicate about Fvwm, there were the mailing lists and, then very recently, there was the FvwmWiki, a wiki is mostly static info (in that the users have no real contact with eachother) and mailinglists, well, they are exactly the opposite (not to mention the horrendous layout and archives).

So I sought a way in between, and the forum came to be. With more success than I ever would have dared to dream… During the past year 5723 messages have been posted in 940 topics by 701 users. This makes me glad, glad that my small contribution the the Fvwm community has actually proven to be of use.

A lot of people have provided support in the early days, with comments or otherwise, so I’d like to especially thank Tavis Ormandy (taviso), Thomas Adam (thomas_adam) and Uwe Pross for their support and suggestions in the early days of this forum (I hope my bad memory didn’t leave anybody out, if so, please shout… ). And of course all of you for being part of such a wonderful community!

Let’s Fvwm on, and surf home safely! :wink:

Bert ‘theBlackDragon’ Geens

Vow! That deserves a pack of beers and some songs. So I am going to phone my linux geek neighbours (actually a bassist and a drummer), take my stratocaster, and we are going to make a party to celebrate this with the bears and some jazzy songs (a pity that tomorrow we all have to work, so we can’t stay for so long, but well…).

I came here late, can’t remember the exact date, but I have been around here for some months, even before registering myself on the boards. But I can only tell you a big “Thank you” for all your work. It was really a needed thing. Before coming here I joined the discussion in the second Gentoo fvwm huge thread but since I knew about these forums I have been around here. It was indeed a needed thing, and you made it real.

Thanks man, you made my life easier. Be sure that I will take that champagne :wink:

The forum has definitely been a huge help, I appreciate it as well. It’s my first stop for information (yes, even before the man pages :blush: ).

Happy Birthday… I’m new here but just figured the forums had been around for at least several years. 8)


I’m new here, but I joined in time for the birthday party! Where’s the cake?

Here. :smiley:

Happy birthday to us! :wink:

I’m not around since long… but I like it here. :wink:

Happy Birthdayday FVWM Forums

Happy birthday!! :slight_smile:
Actually until recently i just visited these forums rarely, now i visit them many times a day! And i really want to thank you theBlackDragon for your contribution, and everyone else that made this happen. Actually i think that because of these forums the use of fvwm has become even more popular…

Let’s all celebrate to our hearts content!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hurray, hurray, hurraaaay~

a bit late, but happy birthday

happy birthday~

happy birthday~~~~

arggh…could it be possible that the forums 2nd birthday was forgotten?

No. See: viewtopic.php?p=9075#p9075

– Thomas Adam