HasPointer for a swallowed button?

Here is the setup. I have a FvwmButton that has another FvwmButton swallowed. I want to know when the mouse pointer enters the swallowed button (and also leaves).

I attempted this with FvwmAuto in conjunction with a function that uses a HasPointer conditional. If the button isn’t swallowed then everything works fine, but once it is swallowed HasPointer no longer works (I’m assuming this is because it becomes part of the parent button.).

Is there any way around this? Can I detect this with HasPointer or maybe in some other way?

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The problem you have here is that there’ll be a mismatch of which button gets the focus – and more importantly whether it’s the application that’s swallowed within the FvwmButtons that receives the focus or not.

I cant see an easy way around this, apart from using xwininfo based on the $[w.id] of the window that hasPointer so you can look at the hierarchy to dtermine which FvwmButtons has the focus.

– Thomas Adam

Unfortunatly once the button gets swallowed it looks like both FvwmIdent and xwininfo only show the window id of the parent button.

I was hoping to add some popup tooltips to by FvwmButton launchbar, so when you hover over an icon, soem text woudl popup above the bar. ActiveTitle isn’t powerful enough for this.

I wanted to detect mouse over events on specific parts of an fvwmbutton, but it looks like I may be out of luck.

Yes, I had expected that… but the process it swallowed will still be available.

Quite – tooltip support in FvwmButtons is not present – you could probably take the code out of FvwmPager and munge it into FvwmButtons, if you’re so inclined.

– Thomas Adam