Help following a tutorial.


I’ve been trying to follow this tutorial][/url]

But when I get to this part:

It doesn’t work as expected. It’s supposed to quit fvwm, but when I left click the mouse button, all it seems to do is remove the titlebars from all windows.

Can someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong? FVWM is a real bugger to learn, I hope it’s worth it.


Nearest I can figure out is…

I load my programs after fvwm has loaded through the .xinitrc file. This appears to be why the titlebars disappear from all windows when I click it. So It does work, it just doesn’t work properly unless the programs are loaded from fvwm rather than from .xinitrc.

My work around is to change this:

Action(Mouse 1) 'quit'

To this:

Action(Mouse 1) 'exec exec sudo kill $(pidof fvwm)'