Help with FVWM Debugging

I am using version 2.4.19, and I am not sure if I am turning on the debug option correctly. In .xsession I have exec fvwm2 -debug > ${HOME}/etc/brad.log I see that it is creating the brad.log file where it should be, but I am not seeing anything being populated in the file. I am not sure if this is correct but just not printing anything or if I am doing something wrong. I opened a bunch a windows but still nothing was in brad.log. Please let me know if I should provide any more information.

do you know ~/.xsession-errors ?

No, I am not familiar with that. Would that do the same as the fvwm -debug? All I am really trying to get from this is information to catch a possible bug when displaying a window. Thanks for the response.

in your home-dir schould be a file called .xsession-errors
you can open a terminal, type in
tail -f ~/.xsession-errors
and you can see, what every x-client including fvwm log.
then you can see, if you need the debug-option also.

another option is to change your call for fvwm

fvwm2 -debug > ${HOME}/etc/brad.log 2>&1

you redirect the standard-error to standard-output. but this is a shell-thing. You should study bash and its options.