hey i need some help!

i just installed openbsd 4.3

i really dont know much about linux other than how to change directories, list things, erase things etc, simple things you know. ive messed with centos, ubuntu and some others.

in openbsd im just greeted with the shell log in. i only have a root right now as i dont know how to add users. i figured out how to start the x window by saying startx at the prompt. i know it came with fvwm 2.2.5 i think. when i type fvwm at the prompt after i log in it just says: [fvwm][main]:<> cant open display. sorry for the lack or experience but im just trying to figure things out.

You may have to build your X11 window system from scratch.

Probably better off going here:


ok so i think ive figured out that when i type startx i actually am starting fvwm since its default for openbsd or if im wrong correct me? what exactly does building my own x11 window mean? the gui i run looks so simple and i dont really understand it. is there anyone here that would be willing to help me?

It means you may have to edit or create the files necessary to start X (the gui) with Fvwm.

If Fvwm is the default for OpenBSD, then after you startx, you may be able to click on the desktop and get a menu with a setup script that will build a more useable Fvwm environment for you.

are there premade layouts for open bsd? Which files need to be modded?

Would I be able to use fvwm with centos?

Compiling and using FVWM 2.5.26 as opposed to 2.2.X would be a good start.

– Thomas Adam


Where are all these random questions going? Do you have some sort of idea of what it is you’re after?

– Thomas Adam

haha sorry for all the random questions! basically my friend gave me a hp proliant dl320 g2 server. I have an apple laptop and a windows pc i built myself. i want to use this server as a linux/unix box, for like hosting websites, files, basically server type applications. ive installed centos and openbsd4.3. i cant decide between the two. i chose centos cause its based on RHEL and ive heard that openbsd is the best secure unix for a server. i really like open bsd but i dont know much about it. i love the idea of openbsd with fvwm and all the customizing one can do with it. sorry if i got off topic but thats where im coming from.

I’ve never used OpenBSD, but this looks helpful:

insidesocal.com/click/2008/0 … sd-an.html

I’ve used Fvwm on Redhat 6-9 and Fedora 1-5; once you log in to an Fvwm session and run one of the configuration scripts available as options on he root menu (mouse click on the default black background) it’s a simple matter of tweaking the .fvwm2rc file to your liking.