hi i want to just show my work in progress. I used old decoration from 2004 which was made by “theBlackDragon” I think that you will not have anything against it. so what you can see on it is: from right : dock - trayer - pager. maybe you will like it. I just started working on it so I dont have menu and the rest.

please leave me some feed back

really nice decor!
your mpd is not running… :slight_smile:
if you like transparent terminals, you can make your mc transparent, too.

hmm to be honest with you I dont really like mpd ;]

I have a little upgraded my config I added some MiniIcons and I’ve fixed my trayer ;]
and now it looks like that:

I hope that your will like it, in soon I will add menu but for now i just dont have an idea how it’s gonna look



It looks pretty nice. Similar to Stonecrest’s config.

Would you mind posting your config? I like the way you have the time in a seperate little box like that.

when I clean it up and write menu I will publish it

ok here goes new screenshot :>
I hope that you will like it, menu is mostly based on arsen’s config I just changed fonts and colors. i could not came up with menu so I based on him because I didnt had any idea how mine should look like.

shell.sinuspl.net/~portman/fvwm.tar.gz here is my config if someone want it ;]. any comments appreciated

I like the border around the menu. I think it looks nice. What did u do to get that effect?

And what program are you using at the botton of your last screen shot (the cpu and mem stats)?

I think he uses Conky.

border is made from images and stats are showed by conky