Hosting fvwm themes

Hi people ,
First : Sorry administrators i know this is not the best topic in that category , forgive me.

I start the new page (3 days from now) :

And i see you have many beatifull fvwm themes.

So i have a question , coud i post some of them on my new page.
I meen host them , give a shot on the page and the link to download it , the link from you or i upload the file on my page and give link to download from my page.

So the creators of the fvwm themes talk to me.
Could i host your themes.

My page is also the english version of my Polish page project so i have a quiete big polish people community.

No worries, I’ve moved it here.

If I understand you correctly, you wish to know whether you can link to themes on this site from your own site? Yes, you can do that – it would be a nice idea. There’s nothing stopping you from re-duplicating the posted configs and themes here, providing you keep the original URL in tact (to this site) – and more importantly, you seek the permission of the person owning the theme as to whether they mind you rehosting it.

– Thomas Adam

Ok thanx

So i start with a couple themes and you people see how it looks.