Hotkey for dynamic menu


I have question: i made small script which generate a small dynamic menu for me. Now in normal menu i have reference to this script:

DestroyFunc user_FileBrowserBookmarks
AddToFunc user_FileBrowserBookmarks
+ I DestroyMenu recreate bookmarks
+ I AddToMenu bookmarks
+ I + DynamicPopDownAction DestroyMenu bookmarks
+ I PipeRead `$[FVWM_USERDIR]/scripts/`

DestroyMenu Miejsca
AddToMenu Miejsca
+ MissingSubmenuFunction			user_FileBrowserBookmarks
+ "bookmarks%ikony/harddisk.png%"	Popup bookmarks

How to make hotkey for this dynamic menu? I have this:

Mouse 1     R       A   Menu Miejsca

and I want to have something like this:

Mouse 1     R       A   Menu bookmarks

But it doesn’t work.


I don’t follow what it is you’re trying to do. It won’t work because the menu gets recreated through Miejsca – so the only way you could isolate it is to call another function which runs user_FileBrowserBookmarks and then Menu bookmarks.

– Thomas Adam

Could you write it for me? I dont have any ideas what to do it (I have used fvwm for 2 years but I am not good at writing fvwm configs)

That’s OK. I am assume you’re after something like this?

DestroyFunc Wrapper
AddToFunc Wrapper
+ I user_FileBrowserBookmarks
+ I Menu bookmarks

Mouse 1 R A Wrapper

– Thomas Adam

Thank you, it works! :slight_smile: