How can I take a shel variable?

I have a need to get the $FVWM_USERID
How can I do that?

I thought you could just reference it like ${FVWM_USEDIR} , if that doesn’t work you can get it using something like

 (GetOutput echo $FVWM_USERDIR 1 -1)

it still doesn’t work

WriteToFile /nfs/iil/home/yoavk/Scripts/vnc/FvwmThemes/OutFile ${FVWM_USERID}will write to the file {FVWM_USERID}

WriteToFile /nfs/iil/home/yoavk/Scripts/vnc/FvwmThemes/OutFile $FVWM_USERIDwill write nothinf to the file, because it is an emty variable

Set $UserId = (GetOutput echo $FVWM_USERID 1 -1)

will make an error at the vnc log
[color=blue]Line 73: parse error[/color]

any other suggestions?
thanks again

Write it like this:

Set $UserId = (GetOutput {echo $FVWM_USERID} 1 -1)

this one works