How did you name your PCs?

I always find it fun to see how other people name their PCs. Do you have a certain theme around which you name your PCs? Or do you randomly assign them names you like? If so, which ones?

I’m currently naming them after the seven deadly sins, although the name is more attached to a certain function (eg. destkop, server,…) than a certain machine (because of svn):
[]destktop: ira (wrath)[/:m]
[]laptop: avaritia (greed)[/:m]
[]server: superbia (pride)[/:m]
[]Blade 100: invidia (envy)[/:m]
[]testbox: luxuria (lust)[/:m][/list:u]
Once I run out of sins I’ll probably start with the virtues :slight_smile:


– Thomas Adam

Main workstation : Drag00n, … because I love dragons :stuck_out_tongue:
Laptop : Baal, the mother board has already burn twice :slight_smile:
iMac : lol, for the moment as I didn’t find the time to install cool os on it :slight_smile:
Server : gaïa (the mother of all rsync / ftp / http / cups :stuck_out_tongue: on my network)
“Old laptop” : Daemon
“Old server” : Phoenix, because only the power supply and the case were on the first set
“Older server” : Test ( cyrix 166+ powa :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’m a big fan of the wing commander games so I named my boxes after Wing Commander Characters:

desktop - Tolwyn (]
server - Vaquero (Lieutenant Mitchell “Vaquero” Lopez: his most prized possession is a six-string guitar, which he is often found playing. He dreams of opening a cantina after the war. His devotion to music disappears in the cockpit, though.)
laptop - Tanaka([


caspar, balthazar, melchior

natalie…because I love Natalie Portman and one of my best girlfriends’ name is Natalie too^^

I own just one laptop and actually is called sharp, but i often change it’s name…

I think these are the names of a few enemies in Full Metal Alchemist the anime. I was surprised to see this :smiley:

In old German animals’ fables the animals of the forest have specific names. Those I use for my computers. The namespace is big enough so far.

wulf - Isegrim
badger - Grimbart
bear - Petz
fox - Reineke
rabbit - Lampe
stork - Adebar

Some of the names made me laugh, guys :smiley:

I always called and call all my computers Pegasus ^^

I name all my computers Baba Booey. I hope at least someone here will appreciate the reference lol.

In my institute when we got our first Unix workstation in 1990 (a Sun 4/110), it was quite obvious to call it “helios”, “the” Sun. Then we got a few more, and since they were NIS slaves of the helios master, it was quite obvious to use the greek names of the planets (aphrodite, ares, zeus etc.) since we assumed “it is highly unlikely we will ever get more than 9:smiley: (I think we were in good company, Thomas J. Watson about “no more than 5 computers” and Hegel who demonstrated phylosophically planets should be 7 just in the year Le Verrier discovered the 8th. :smiley:

For a while we got along with this (dumb windows PCs were satellites, the first Sun with Solaris was Asimovian solaria, an NT server was Superman’s krypton (and its xterminals followed as neon, xenon etc.), when we put the main workstation behind a firewall, the one open to the outer world was “oort” (from Oort’s cloud).

Now we have mainly given up on a common pattern, but many of the old names survive through the generations: I am writing from poseidon V 1/2 :smiley:

I name my machines (almost all) after characters from Asterix:

Desktop: asterix
Laptop: idefix
Server: obelix
Router: centralix

Greetings :smiley: