How do I change the size of the menu font that FVMW uses if you don't include a font in .fvwm2rc?

Fvwm 2.6.9, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

$ locale

I created a Menu that includes UTF-8 fonts in the range U+25F0 to U+25F3 as well as others of similar type for window positioning using Mouse 1…: ◰ ◳ ◱ ◲. I had the following in my .fvwm2rc file:

MenuStyle * Font “xft:Bitstream Vera Sans:Bold:size=12:minispace=True:antialias=True:encoding=iso10646-1”


DestroyMenu Window-Placement-Top
AddToMenu Window-Placement-Top “Window Placement Top” Title
+ “1 Window” Title
+ "▢ " ResizeMove 1590p 865p 1120p 0p
+ “2 Window” Title
+ "◧ " ResizeMove 790p 865p 1120p 0p
+ "◨ " ResizeMove 790p 865p 1920p 0p
+ “↑▬↑” ResizeMove 1590p 419p 1120p 0p
+ “↓▬↓” ResizeMove 1590p 419p 1120p 447p
+ “3 Window” Title
+ “‾‾” ResizeMove 1590p 288p 1120p 0p
+ “―” ResizeMove 1590p 288p 1120p 290p
+ “__” ResizeMove 1590p 288p 1120p 580p
+ “4 Window” Title
+ "◰ " ResizeMove 790p 419p 1120p 0p
+ "◳ " ResizeMove 790p 419p 1920p 0p
+ "◱ " ResizeMove 790p 419p 1120p 447p
+ "◲ " ResizeMove 790p 419p 1920p 447p

They are currently displaying properly in my .fvwm2rc file.

However, they displayed properly in Fvwm menus until I installed a couple of additional font packages through apt install. Now I’m seeing squares or blanks in place of the UTF-8 characters. I’m getting the same result no matter what font I use in .fvwm2rc, xft or otherwise. I have since removed the newly installed font packages, but Fvwm menus still isn’t displaying properly. As stated, the fonts are still displaying properly in my .fvwm2rc file.

Out of curiosity, I removed MenuStyle * Font… from .fvwm2rc to see what would happen. The fonts are displaying properly, again, in Fvwm menus, but in a small font making it difficult to see, and only as long as I don’t define a menu font in .fvwm2rc.

I have no clue what this font is. My main question is:

What is this font that Fvwm2 is falling back on if I don’t specify one if .fvwm2rc. I need to change its size so I can see the menu without a magnifying glass.

My optional question is: how do I fix this so Fvwm menus display properly again like they were before?

I’m not clear on what I did to cause the problem. My best guess is that a font package I installed overwrote the existing Bitstream Vera Sans with one that didn’t include the UTF-8 fonts I referenced in my question. And when I remove that added font package to try to resolve the problem, I also removed Bitstream Vera Sans. I was able to come up with a workable solution by searching through the ttf fonts on my system and adding one to .fvwm2rc:

  • MenuStyle * Font “xft:DejaVuSans:medium:size=9”