how do you scale the background image?

I have been able to put up a background image but it wraps on the screen. How can I stretch the image to fit the desktop?

this is what I’m currently using?
+ I Exec exec fvwm-root --retain-pixmap ~/pix/wp1.png


You can’t do this with fvwm-root, you’ll either have to scale it to the correct resolution with the Gimp or ImageMagic or use a tool that is capable of scaling the background like Esetroot and probably feh.


I think it’s a pity that fvwm-root cannot scale images
or handle jpg. Maybe we should make a poll in the
feature request part of the forum on that subject.

Esetroot is a nice utility which is provided with the
Eterm terminal from Enlightenment.
Just install Eterm, Esetroot comes with it.
I think many people use it because it handles transparency.

You may also look at … setbg.html
There is a list of light-weight apps used for setting background.
They all allow scaling the picture.

I feel however a bit ashamed from the fact
I need to rely on external apps from other WMs
to set my background. :blush:

Xv works nicely, albeit more slowly than fvwm-root.
xv +noresetroot -q -rm 2 -max - Saturn1.jpg