How not to show DesktopName in FvwmPager

I am using only one desk which I am showing in FvwmPager, which is in turn swallowed in a FvwmButtons. Currently the FvwmPager shows the desktop name. I can change then using the DesktopName command and I can also put it on top or bottom using the *FvwmPager: LabelsAbove and *FvwmPager: LabelsBelow commands respectively. However I want to hide it altogether. Is there a way to do this?

As a side question, is there currently a way to put separators between the buttons of FvwmButtons?

I am using fvwm 2.6.3.

Thanks a lot in advance.

From “man FvwmPager”:

– Thomas Adam

Thanks for the quick reply. I guess I didn’t read the man page carefully, since I was expecting there would be a command *FvwmPager: HideLabels, instead of Font.